We offer a presentation to schools or community groups in Dundee around tackling misconceptions about the Islamic faith, building understanding and creating a safe space for discussion.

The presentation titled ‘building bridges’ offers a 1hr interactive presentation led by our outreach worker and a team of volunteers. The presentation engages the audience through group discussions, a fun quiz and an open space to be as controversial and challenging as they wish to be!

Over 95% of young people felt that they had an improved understanding of Muslims’ – Menzieshill High 2015


Since 2013, we have been running a Curry kitchen in partnership with the Salvation Army. On the first Friday of each month, volunteers from Taught by Muhammad will prepare a warm 3 course meal for the service users at the Salvation Army. On most Fridays we will serve around 40 people many of whom are either homeless or suffering from poverty.

On the second Tuesday of each month we prepare 40 hot cooked meals which are delivered to lone unemployed parents. This is a city-wide initiative and done in partnership with the Smart Lone Parents programme that provide us the referrals. It’s always a pleasure to see the expression on the recipient families faces when they receive their cooked meals.

The partnership is a beautiful example of how people from different backgrounds and faiths can come together to bring about common good. From the service, a number of service users now join us in volunteering and helping feed others.

Initially I thought Muslims didn’t want to mix with the wider society but after meeting the volunteers at Taught by Muhammad I found them to be really nice people and we get a long really well” Service user, Salvation Army.


The foodbank started in January 2014 with a group of volunteers committed to filling in gaps that may exist in the City with emergency food provision. From consulting with a series of agencies, we found a gap in delivered food parcels for those who may not be able to make the journey to the nearest foodbank or, those who may be embarrassed to admit the situation that they are in. We support 80 households each month with emergency food parcels.

Normally a food parcel consists of Long life milk, sugar, tea bags, cereal, pasta, soups, cooking sauce, tinned meats/veg and other snacks. These are intended to support the family for three days as they are in the process of making arrangements with the referral agency.


Over the last 8 years YYI have been working with Maryfield CLD Youth team around integration through sport and volunteering. The aim is for young people of different background to mix, play sport, share cultural food and build friendships.

Over the last year we have extended our work to the Menzieshill Youth team with a similar kind of initiative. The young people from both groups have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and our hope would be to extend that across all regeneration areas in Dundee.

Annually we organise a city-wide football tournament bringing together all the partner youth teams within the regeneration areas. The last event was held at Dundee Inernational Sports Centre (DISC) and attended by Chris Law MP


Through our anti-poverty work we have identified that many who go through periods of poverty would benefit from education and support around budget cooking. We organise a 5 week course for client groups which educate them on budgeting food items, making healthy and nutritious meals & wastage

The course is a unique experience to meet new friends, learn new skills and build confidence to move on to long term learning and education. The course also introduces the clients to ethnic cuisines from the Middle East and Asian subcontinent

Initially I didn’t know why I was there or if I wanted to continue but as the weeks went passed I started to really enjoy the course and was really sad when it came to an end” service user, Budget cooking course


On a fortnightly basis we support around 20 adult men from the minority community to come together, share friendships and learn new skills. The men are all aged 55+ with many of them suffering from a range of long term illnesses. Our aim is to nurture confidence and skills within the group and to make them aware of Scottish heritage and culture.

The group has been involved in an swimming programme, nature walks visiting Scottish Cultural sites. Many of the adult men live quite isolated lives and this opportunity helps them get more involved and aware of mainstream opportunities and services.