Who we are

Taught By Muhammad is an outreach project aimed at building an understanding between Muslims and the wider community. The project also helps tackle social injustices within Dundee.

The project launched in summer 2013 with a bus and poster campaign promoting universal messages of from the Islamic faith such as “He who sleeps on a full stomach whilst his neighbour is hungry is not one of us”. The campaign was received well by the Dundee community and as a followup we felt that it was important to act upon the messages we were promoting. From this we started our first curry kitchen which saw us cook and serve food to the homeless in Dundee on a monthly basis.

Now we have several projects such as our support cafes, school drop-ins, budget cooking classes that support an average of 400 people on a weekly basis. Our work is delivered with the help of our 5 staff members and around 70 regular volunteers.

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